Valentines Day With a Difference

Make Valentines Day 2018 the perfect day with accessories from Nero e Bianco!

Needing some help with those all important presents or wanting to point someone in the right direction for that present you oh so badly desire..... let us help with our ‘on trend’ ideas at Nero e Bianco.

It’s not always easy to find the right gift so let’s look at what’s new and different for this year.....


Fun jewellery with a twist, we have amazing award winning fashion necklaces, they are so light and easy to wear, very on trend !

Made with everyday life materials, rubber, stainless steel etc the creative flare is outstanding.

These necklaces are stand alone pieces that can make the simple little black dress into something really different and unique.

Award Winning Necklaces

For a more subtle but a different statement look, here we have our beaded collection, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

This range is simply stunning and with the Italian style who could ask for more?

Bold Jewellery

New to Nero e Bianco is Christina Jewellery

Christina Hembo is a Danish designer that has created a family business and developed bracelets, rings, earring and charms using Stirling silver and genuine gemstones that makes this jewellery a step above similar type jewellery. A very special present for special people this Christmas.

Christina Jewellery

Shoes and Handbags

A girl can never have too many shoes and handbags!

Italian leather bags... what a nice surprise to be found under the Christmas tree this year!! With a range of sizes and styles and of course the top 2017/18 colour trent ( as predicted by us) red!!

Shoes and boots to complement any outfit with the fabulous suedes and velvets that is so in vogue for this winter.

Shoes, boots and purses

Whatever your preference, enjoy shopping for gifts (even if they are for you!)

Happy (almost) Valentines Day!

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