Founded by Virginia Rouse, from a love of Shibori and Japanese culture, Alquema take inspiration from extraordinary women and aims to embolden women to feel rejuvenated in their style. With heavy Japanese inspiration and carefully attention to detail we couldn't help but fall in love with the effortlessly flowing fabrics, bright colours, and bold designs. At Nero e Bianco we adore Alquemas belief that fashion is part of a road to self discovery and self expression in all women, and the important part of a dress to be the woman wearing it. 




Spring/Summer 2022 is here and we've picked a stunning range of cosy casual wear, elegant figure flaunting dresses, eye-catching prints with luxury fabrics, and bold but versatile smart-casual wear to make your wardrobe more dynamic this season. We've selected stand out pieces from our favourite designers such as Oska, Alquema, Naya, and more, so our ladies can find styles that compliment and inspire confidence every day.



With their focus on customer satisfaction, desictive designs at a high quality fabrics we couldn't resist adding more Oska apparel to our collection. Oska has some of our favourite designs this season with a simple yet elegant and dymanic style for modern women. With styles to suit different body types you can feel comfy and confident in our selection from Oska.


We love the modern and versatile look that Naya brings with their designs and are pleased to be adding our favourite picks to our Spring/Summer Collection. Naya are best known for their relaxed style and unstructured looks, using practical fabrics and flattering silhouettes with bold colours Nayas designs create endless looks with each dynamic piece. Create a more varied wardrobe with a combination of tonal accents and textured prints to add some edge to your everyday.



Uchuu is a young brand we adore, focused on enhancing natural beauty, promoting comfort and confidence at any age, for any body type. For this Spring/Summer season we've picked our favourites from Uchuu's elegant prints, flowing forms, and pristine textures to create effortless looks for a versatile wardrobe. Mixing bold black and white designs with simple fabrics makes for a elegant, confident, every-day look for our modern women.

Herzen's Anglelegenheit

A young brand founded in 2009 producing four collections a year now consisting of a wide variety of extremely fine cashmere and merino pieces, the finest silk blouses and tops, skirts, trousers and every-day clothing such as jackets and coats.

With a small passionate team and a focus on creating long-lasting clothing Herzen's Anglelegenheit manages to combine contemporary designs with only the highest quality materials for perfect additions to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. 


Philomena Christ

Fine attention to detail and only high quality fabrics are at the forefront of Philomena Christ's priorities. Focused on delivering two, exclusive to Euorpe, collections each year and fostering modern designs to bring inspiration from Vienna to women everywhere.


Specializing in middle-large size ranges and aimed at suiting women of all ages Alembika manages to perfect the layered look with comfortable flowing forms. Alembika's design philosophy is focused on enabling women to feel confident and comfortable, therapeutic fashion and self love through style. Their belief in accepting yourself and being free from unreasonable standards is refreshing and inspiring to us, making a perfect addition to our Spring/Summer collection.



'Life is too short for boring clothes' is an ethos that we adore, and one which Elsewhere was founded upon. With a mission to inspire and encourage women to express their uniqueness, Elsewhere manages to combine striking detail with comfort and flexibility for effortless varied looks. For every day wardrobes and smart casual flexibility we've chosen our favourite prints, coats, and flowing tops, so you can find signature pieces to add to your flexible modern style.


A Croatian born luxury brand created in 2005, Igor defines their designs as classy, timeless, effortless, minimal and romantic, and somewhat unconventional. We're enthralled by their classic elegant designs, the high quality, and flowing fabrics that create a dynamic wardrobe to be explored this Summer. With inspiration from traditional Chinese and Japanese culture, and carefully sourced materials from Italy, Igor elevates their clothing to be truly unique. 


Occasion Wear


 Luis Civit

 Henry Lewis

 Linea Raffaelli