Founded by Virginia Rouse, from a love of Shibori and Japanese culture, Alquema take inspiration from extraordinary women and aims to embolden women to feel rejuvenated in their style. With heavy Japanese inspiration and carefully attention to detail we couldn't help but fall in love with the effortlessly flowing fabrics, bright colours, and bold designs. At Nero e Bianco we adore Alquemas belief that fashion is part of a road to self discovery and self expression in all women, and the important part of a dress to be the woman wearing it. 



Since 1998 Oska has been developing two collections annually aimed at desictive designs at a high quality. We're thrilled to be adding a few pieces from Oskas range to our collection this season. With an emphasis on a simple, elegant and timeless look the Oska brand gives a fresh and cosy feel.


Another young brand started in 2000, the striking and unique injection of creative fashion that the Access brand combines so well with the classic feminine style sparked our interest immediately at Nero e Bianco. In carefully choosing pieces that we love for their style and sophistication we've added even more European and International influence into our collection.



Founded in 2016 by designer Suzanne Foucalt Uchuu is a young brand we adore, focused on enhancing natural beauty, promoting comfort and confidence at any age, for any body type. We were immediately captivated by the Uchuu brand, the carefully combined fabrics, style and pallets offer a real elegance to women’s everyday wardrobe. The attention to detail is perfect, which we Nero e Bianco, with a quality we value and insist on for our customers.


Bitte Kia Rand

Established in 1981 Bitte Kia Rand is a leading Danish fashion designer throughout Europe, catering to mature women with their winter knitwear and elegant summer cotton designs. Bitte Kia Rands collection caught our attention not only with an amazing contemporary style but also the values and commitment the brand offers. Aligned with ourselves at Nero e Bianco, Bitte Kia Rand supports the sustainability of clothing. Using high quality fabrics that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint such as Tencel, linens and wool to create wonderful unique designs for women to enjoy and feel confident wearing.


An elegant and established designer Aggel creates fantastic knitwear and fabric designs with a modern flair. Aggel ensures quality materials with all their apparel made in their home country of Greece, we love the high standard and attention to detail and couldn't resist adding some Aggel to our collection.



A unique young Irish brand with a flair for the unique, Naya pushes new styles that we love this Winter season. Simple pieces with complex design or loose fitting with a flattering silhouette, Naya excels at making style choices to complement and make a statement at the same time.