Hello, my name is Jill Hartley and I am Co-Director of Nero e Bianco with my partner Michael Ballance.

Nero e Bianco Store

I have always believed that women across all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicity should feel fabulous in the clothes they wear! Sadly, I'm not convinced that we do. So many times we hear "does this suit me?", "can I wear this?" "am I too old?" "am I too big?" "I'm not good at putting outfits together?" "I can't find anything stylish but comfortable!" I could go on.... and although we try to be amused by that - quite honestly it's not funny is it!

The Bridal Suite

The Bridal Suite 


Our flagship store


The Flagship Store

In our busy lives, be it work, children, parents etc it is not always easy to find clothes that we feel fantastic in. I adore elegance, style, quality and fashion trends. I also feel passionate about helping women feel good about themselves, to be able to wear fabulous clothes regardless of body shape, size and age! Along with that I want to help women feel confident in their choices of clothing and accessories by helping with their style, bringing their personality to life with clothing that compliments, In fact that is what our Nero e Bianco luxury boutique is all about, hence our line...

with a personal touch...

Nero e Bianco Brands

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